Squirrel Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Frugals Forums Squirrel Hall of Fame. This page is dedicated to honoring those squirrels whom over the years have demonstrated outstanding virtue, honor, self-discipline, hard work, and dedication to individual and community preparedness and survivalism.

Hall of Fame Inductees:

  Seventh Fleet
Date of Induction into Hall of Fame: April 24, 2004
Location: Dixie
Occupation: Police Chief/LEO Firearms Instructor/Armorer
Interests: Firearms, History, Homesteading, Gun Rights

Survivalism is a way of life for us here at Frugal, a mindset that determines our direction in life, and is the background voice to every decision made. Coupled with courage and devotion to friends and family, it is the greatest assest we can hope to have in our character. As such, we honor Seventh Fleet as our first inductee to Frugal’s Hall of Fame.

Seventh has a lifelong history of courage in the face of combat and planning for the future. His patriotism and love for what the Constitution protects led him to the battlefields of Vietnam, where he served three tours of duty and was highly decorated for his gallantry and heroism in action. Upon returning to the States, he eventually became a police officer, and later on, police chief. During all of this, he never wavered from his determination to be self-sufficient, gathering knowledge from books and those around him until it came time to leave everything he’d apparently worked for to strike out on his own. In his quest to supply his own needs, he has not isolated himself from the community. He participates in his local church, believing that maintaining his spiritual life is as important as taking care of his physical one. He surrounds himself with friends and family, and his devotion to them as well as his integrity in living as he preaches is an example of what we believe: that only together will we survive and more than that, live a whole life. Seventh’s loyalty to both friends and family, his well-built store of knowledge that he so willingly shares with us, and his courage in the midst of life-threatening situations is what a Squirrel stands for. Thank you, Seventh Fleet, for letting us be part of your life.

Frugal (left) presents Knutz Award (middle) to Seventh Fleet (right)

Seventh Fleet's new
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U.S.S. Rainier AE-5 (the ship Seventh served on in Vietnam)