You already know how valuable the Frugal's Forums community is to those dedicated to preparedness and survival of crises. You are one of those individuals who has helped create a deep knowledge base of information and experience. And you have endeavored to make it a place where exploring issues with respect, passion, research and intellect is maintained and held in high regard.

Now here's an opportunity for you to receive some great benefits while knowing you are contributing towards the cost of maintaining and upgrading our valued online community. For a gift of just $50 per year you can become a Supporting Squirrel Member.

Supporting Squirrel Member Benefits:
• Select a tasteful graphic for use under your handle.
Receive the designation of "Flying Squirrel".
Entrance into The Nut House, a forum for members to gather and talk outside the view of lurkers.
Private Messaging between other Supporting Squirrel Members, Moderators and Administrators.
Membership runs through December 31.

We accept checks or money orders (don't forget to include your handle).

Mail to:
Preparedness Educational Services
P.O. Box 1201
Morrisville, VT 05661

—John Maniatty